Dame Helen Mirren declares this cleaning product her favourite – as she cleans during lockdown!

Dame Helen Mirren declares her trusty Dyson vacuum has been one of her favourite things during quarantine!

Along with her beloved bird feeder, the award-winning actress has found her rechargeable vacuum to be a saviour during lockdown cleaning!

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Some are humorously dubbing Dame Mirren the latest ‘Cleanfluencer’ after her social media posts over the weekend.

Helen Mirren

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Taking to her Instagram on Sunday the star shared, with her 864K  followers, her favourite things keeping her busy during quarantine…

‘One of my favourite things in quarantine was… 1. the bird feeder’, she shares first with fans – giving them an insight into her simple home pleasures. Followed by, ‘2. the Dyson rechargeable vacuum’.

From her bird feeder in the garden to her Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum, it appears acting royalty aren’t so different from us – enjoying the simple things in life! Cleaning and encouraging nature into our gardens.

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2. the Dyson rechargeable vacuum

A post shared by Helen Mirren (@helenmirren) on May 30, 2020 at 6:33pm PDT

Helen gave her Dyson cordless vacuum the stamp of approval during lockdown cleaning, citing it as her second favourite item after her bird feeder.

With a legion of fans agreeing  with her praise for the famous vacuum cleaner! ‘Best purchase I ever made!!❤💪’ says one. ‘Such a game changer’ writes another.

One of our favourite responses has to be, ‘Feels weird to know I have the same vacuum as Helen Mirren. I feel luxurious af right now.’ To which another hilariously adds, ’As L’Oreal would say, to both you and Dame Helen, you’re worth it.

Dyson under bed attachment

Image credit: Dyson

Dyson are delighted to have such famous fans. This praise comes at a great time for the vacuum giants as they add exciting updates to the Dyson cordless range – with the new V7 Animal, V7Absolute, V8 Animal, V11 Torque Drive.

The new range includes the brand-new Reach Under tool, which bends so you don’t have to. Engineered to clean further under furniture, torch all the hard spots you might miss otherwise!

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Someone better tell Dame Helen Mirren, she will no doubt love the new features!

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