Homeowner creates striking feature wall for free – using leftover paint!

Looking for an affordable DIY project, using leftover paint you’ve got going spare? This striking feature wall is all the inspiration you need.

The fabulous painted feature wall is the work of creative homeowner Sarah Powell, a nursery nurse and mum of one from Nottinghamshire.

Sarah was keen to transform her hallway with a unique feature wall. But didn’t want to spend a fortune on wallpaper to get the look.

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Instead she used leftover paint for a clever free painting technique – carrying out a project that cost her nothing at all. We think you’ll agree, it totally transforms her hallway…

White hallway with foliage

Image credit: Sarah Powell

The family moved into the house last January. Ever since then Sarah’s been keen to start on the task of redecorating.

‘I constantly browse home accounts on Instagram and Pinterest,’ Sarah tells Latest Deals. ‘I came across some designs with dots and stripes that people had painted on their wall. I came up with the idea to do a diagonal tribal type pattern.’

Having some grey paint left-over from another project, she decided to go for it.

‘With a small rounded end brush, I began in the top right corner painting on free-hand lines’ Working her way down and across.

Sarah’s painted feature wall in progress

Image credit: Sarah Powell

Mid-transformation you can already see the difference the bespoke design will make.

‘As I was doing it all completely freehand and without pre-marking it out, some of the lines aren’t perfectly straight,’ explains Sarah. ‘But I think that adds character and makes it unique to me.’

‘As I started to paint I kept stopping and looking at it and thinking ‘do I like it?’ and ‘should I carry on or not?’. The answer was clearly yes, as Sarah carried on and ended up loving the finished look.

‘The total painting time took around an hour and a half to two hours’ she explains, to those looking to emulate the look.

Grey striped hallway feature wall

painted feature wall in hallway with grey stripes

Image credit: Sarah Powell

Sarah is absolutely delighted with the results of her bespoke wall design, saying how a project like this is not only affordable but also a great distraction during lockdown.

‘The project didn’t cost me anything. I already had the paint and the brush from previous projects’ she explains. ‘But a small tester pot of paint would have easily been enough to cover it if you don’t have any leftover paints at home,’ she adds.

‘I did paint mine completely freehand. But for anyone wanting a slightly more polished look, I would recommend marking out the lines with tape – to help keep the lines straight.

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Fancy a go?

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