Decluttering your home? You could make over £1000 selling these household items

When eBay notified us of its best-selling items of last week, we tried to guess what they might be – but who could have predicted this?!

Clearouts have been the top of the to-do list in most households across the UK. However, before you deposit all your unwanted clutter at your local charity shop. Check and see if you’ve uncovered any eBay best sellers.

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Thinkmoney revealed that you could have over £1,850 hiding in your attic or garden shed. Thinkmoney has analysed the sold prices of items listed on eBay to reveal the best-sellers that you could have lying around the house.

eBay best sellers

1.1980 Apple Macintosh Computer

eBay bestsellers 5

Image credit: anthonyjhall / Getty

There is a huge market for vintage Apple tech. A rare Apple III computer from 1980 – or parts from the early ’80s – could make your £330 on eBay.

2.Vintage turntables

ebay best sellers 1

Image credit: Colin Poole

If you have an old unused turntable lying around your home, it could earn you £219. That works out three times the price of buying a new record player.

Vintage turntables are so sought after, it doesn’t even need to play records. You could still earn money by selling it for parts.

3. iPhone 1st generation (without box)

I bet you wish you’d held onto your original iPhone. If you still have one lying around you could earn £150 by selling it on.

4. Vintage Singer sewing machines

ebay bestsellers 2

Image credit: David Giles

If you’ve inherited a vintage sewing machine it is unlikely you’re going to be getting any use out of it, except as a statement home accessory. However, selling it on eBay could earn up to £137.

5. Nintendo Wii (with controllers and games)

Video games have come along way since the Nintendo Wii was introduced. However, if you still have the original little white box and controllers lying around, you could earn up to £97.

6. Vintage typewriter

ebay bestsellers 3

Image credit: Matt Cant

You might still prefer the simplicity of typing on a typewriter. However, if you traded one in for a laptop or inherited a typewriter from your parents you could earn £95 by selling it on.

7. Royal Daulton Figurines

These collectable figurines can fetch up to £80 on eBay. Just be sure to wrap them up well when sending them to there new home, to avoid any breakages.

8. Original Pepsi/Coke crates

These wooden crates have become a favourite for households looking to add a retro touch to there interiors. And can sell for up to £70 on eBay.

Vintage cereal boxes, such as ’80s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxes, can also bring in a profit. However, it will usually only be between £10-15.

9. Roberts vintage radio

ebay bestsellers 4

Image credit: Jamie Mason

You might not earn back enough to buy a new leather-bound Roberts radio. However, selling an old one in good condition could earn you £67.

10. Harry Potter First Edition 1st Print

For such a popular book, coming across a first edition is rarer than you might thing. If you have one you can bear to part with, it could earn you £65.

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Do you have any treasures hiding in your home?

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