The value Morrisons house plant range you can't afford to miss – in stores now!

As a nation we’ve become somewhat obsessed with house plants. Google searches for house plants has gone up 255 per cent from this time last year.

To help fill our homes with greenery for less we’re always on the look out for where to buy bargain house plants.

Imagine our delight when news reached us this week of an incredible new value Morrisons house plant range – with new varieties added each week.

And the best news is, the Morrisons team have given us the exact in store dates – to avoid disappointing shoppers.

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With this list customers can be prepared to head into stores, at the very same time as their preferred plant of choice.

The Morrisons house plants to add to weekly shopping lists…

Image credit: Morrisons

As a spokesperson for Morrisons rightly says, ‘Plants are linked to stress reduction, better sleep and improved mental wellbeing’. It’s therefore no wonder we’re seeing such a demand for house plants during these uncertain times.

And while we’re keen to welcome more greenery indoors, we’re also watching the purse strings. To create a cost-effective indoor jungle it’s worth checking out Morrisons incredible value house plant range

In stores this week: Alocasia Zebra house plant

Morrisons house plant range

And what a fine specimen to kick things off with! The Ideal Home team will race you to the check out for this animal print number. This striking new addition to the Morrisons houseplant range is the 17cm Alocasia Zebra, perfect for adding tropical vibes to any room.

A bargain at £12, with this variety costing £25 at other plant retailers. It’s in stores now, for two weeks – or until it sells out.

In stores now: Alocasia Zebra House Plant, £10, Morrisons

In stores next week: Sansevieria house plant

Morrison house plants range

From Monday 29th June you won’t be able to miss this 100 cm tall plant in stores. The statement ‘snakeplant’ house plant will only set you back £20 when shopping at Morrisons, with the same sized plant costing over £50 more at Amazon!

Coming 29th June: Sansevieria House Plant, £20, Morrisons

In stores week 6th July: Kentia Palm

Morrisons palm tree

When grabbing the weekly shopping essentials the week of the 6th July, you’ll find this attractive palm tree in stores. For a price comparison, this 21cm house plant from Morrisons is £30. Top online plant retailer Patch Plants offer the same variety starting from £50 – so that’s a saving of £20. Enough to treat your palm to a fancy pot and still have change left over.

In stores week 13th July: Yucca Tree

This house is renowned for being most impossible to kill – making it great value from the start! This statement plant is arriving to stores with a £20 price tag.

In stores week 23rd August: Monstera

Morrisons Monstera plant

Saving the best until last, it’s the most famous of all the house plants..Monstera, better know as the ‘cheese plant’. This beauty is an a low maintenance houseplant with a lot of style credentials. This plant is approximately 17cm in size when purchased, but they can grow much bigger.

In stores week 23rd August: Monstera House Plant, £10, Morrisons

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Use this guide to avoid disappointment when on the look out for affordable house plants over the coming months.

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