Mrs Hinch fan wows with genius washing line hack – hailed a game-changer

One savvy Mrs Hinch fan wows the internet with her simple, but brilliant washing line idea. It’s a great space-saving laundry solution for those with small gardens and limited outdoor spaces.

The savvy women shared her smart washing line hack with fellow members on the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

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She writes, ’I don’t have a lot of space on my washing line so I use coat hangers and place pegs along the line to space them out. Hope this is helpful for anyone else who doesn’t have a very long washing line!’.

New washing line idea to try…

Ideal Home recreate the washing line hack

The response has been overwhelming, with a staggering total of 8.8k reactions and 1.1k comments of thanks and praise.

With cries of ‘game changer!!!’ and ‘Genius’ it’s safe to say the hack is hitting the right spot for making this household chore more efficient. You simply hang your clothes straight from the washing machine onto hangers. Then using your washing line clips you hang the top of the hanger, to allow for extra hanging space.

laundry hack

Image credit: Sussie Bell

One member tags a friend saying,’…and you just hang them up when dry.’ That’s the beauty of this smart laundry hack, it saves space and also saves the job of hanging the clothes onto hangers before you up them into the wardrobe.

‘I feel like I’ve been doing my washing line wrong my whole life’ writes another awestruck fan.

Ad the praise continues. ‘What an awesome idea. Going to do this from now on. Thanks for the tip 😁’ writes one.
‘Thank you. Never taught of this. 💕 I needed space the other day. Thanks x’ says another delightfully.

Here’s the Mrs Hinch fans original washing line, as posted to social media…

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Will you be changing the way you use your washing line from now on? Or do you have any ingenious tips you’re keen to share? We’d love to hear from you

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