Make the most of any small outdoor space with clever new Wilko garden range

Do you have the challenge of a small garden space? It’s a common problem many of us can related to – wanting to do more but feeling limited by a lack of outdoor space. This new range of savvy space-saving Wilko garden accessories are here to help.

From plant pots for drain pipes to clever folding potting mats, this range is set to revolutionise our gardening. There’s now no limit to growing big in small gardens.

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Small-space Wilko garden range

Foldable potting box

Wilko garden range

Take the mess out of potting and sowing seeds thanks to this handy foldable potting box. Ideal for small spaces that don’t have a potting bench, this clever design can be assembled on any surface to get the potting job done – from garden benches to kitchen worktops even.

Once finished with simply pack flat and stow away out of sight.

Buy now: Foldable Potting Box, £6, Wilko

wilko garden range downpipe planter

Don’t let limited space stop you growing an abundance of foliage. Wilko’s garden range offers all manner of growing solutions.

The latest in the smart gardening range is this downpipe planter than not only provides planting space but it also distracts from the ugliness of pipes and drains.

Buy now: Downpipe Plant Pot, £5, Wilko

Drainpipe plant pots

wilko garden range

Maximise growing space with this plant pot, that ingeniously attaches to most standard drainpipes. Grow all manner of flowers or herbs not matter how limited you are on space, simply stack these one of tip for the other.

More than just adding colour and plants, these pots perfectly hide ugly drainpipes.

In stores now: Drain Pipe Pot Holder, £2.50, Wilko

Plant pot wall bracket

wilko garden range plant pot wall bracket

Think vertically for planting, with a little help from these brilliant Wilko wall brackets. The simple £1 wall brackets allow you to secure plant pots to walls, sheds and more to make the most of any small space for planting.

Designed with small gardens in mind, for feature walls and balconies. The brackets are ideal for attaching on walls to make the most of unused vertical space.

Buy now: Plant Pot Wall Bracket, £1, Wilko

Wilko garden range

Make the most of patio or balcony corners with the aid of this smart triangular planter. This corner friendly planter features built-in cane supports, to aid growing and trailing plants.

In stores now: Triangular Cane planter Support, £12, Wilko

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Use these for inspiration and think big for small garden spaces from here on in.

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