See how savvy homeowner adapts garden fence for social distance gatherings – ingenious!

With the ever-changing rules of gatherings post-lockdown, it’s sometimes hard to know what is and isn’t allowed for socialising at home. One savvy homeowner inspires with her ingenious new half garden fence idea – to ensure her garden is ready for a socially distanced gathering at the drop of a hatch!

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Hayley Plant took to the Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks Facebook group to share her fabulously entertaining idea.

Hayley tells Ideal Home, ‘The fence was cut in half basically two legs added each side. With two bolts on my side for when it’s closed. Two legs on the other side’. So the smart fence makeover didn’t cost anything to carry out.

Garden fence makeover

garden fence cut in half

Image credit: Hayley Plant

Writing alongside a snap of her newly adapted fence panel Hayley writes, ’Didn’t cost a penny! Social distancing at its best 👌’. And it really is. Even if Hayley’s hometown is hit with further lockdown restrictions with no garden gatherings she will still be able to sit in her garden and see friends and family just the other side of the fence.

To dress the area to perfection Hayley hung cheery bunting along with Hawaiian flower garland necklaces – because it’s not really a party without props is it?!

Hayley’s post has so far attracted 226 reactions, varying from tears of laughter to love hearts of appreciation.

The 63 comments include ‘omg that’s ace 😍’ and ‘perfect 😂😂. With the majority of the fellow group members tagging friends suggesting that do the same. ‘Think we need it for next summer 🤣’ and ‘We need this 😂 .

Image credit: Verity Welstead

It goes without saying only do this if the space the other side of your fence is safe to welcome guests to sit and socialise. Safety for all always comes first.

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Have you adapted your garden to host the perfect socially distanced garden party? We’d love to see, share your picture with us.

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