Swap your cleaning caddy for the fruit bowl with these 7 natural cleaning hacks that are totally genius

Using lemons to clean your home is a favourite hack of many cleaning experts including Instagram sensation Lynsey Queen of Clean. However, beyond the humble lemon, there are a whole host of natural cleaning hacks using fruit and veg to get your home sparkling without a single chemical.

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From onions to cucumbers, your fridge is bursting with ingredients that can cut through grease and make quick work of grubby walls. Here are just a few hacks hiding in your fruit and vegetable drawer that you never knew about.

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Natural cleaning hacks


They might not be the best smelling cleaning solution, however, they are ideal for tackling burn mark in an oven or cooker.

Onions contain enzymes that react with oxygen to create an acid that can dissolve grease. Gently heat half and onion, and rub the cut side over the marks and see for yourself.


Sweet smelling and a very effective mild bleach. Lemons have citric acid that cuts through grease and limescale.

To get a tap or drying board looking like new, wipe over with half a lemon. Leave for about 5-15 minutes for the citric acid to work its magic, then rinse off.

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They’re not just for salads. Try rubbing the skin on walls to remove crayon marks. You can also clean your bathroom mirror with the juice to stop it fogging up when you shower.


Get any rusty pans looking shiny and clean by simmering some rhubarb in them. The oxalic acid in the Rhubarb will transfer to the water to help lift any unsightly marks.


Much like lemons, grapefruits are filled with citric acid that is great for cleaning. You can use it in a similar way to lemons for large areas like a bath that would be harder to do with the smaller citrus fruit.

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If your houseplants are looking a little dusty, give them a polish with the inside of a banana skin. It works as a great polish, shifting dust and also moisturised the leaves.

It works best on big and tough leaves such as yuccas, orchids and cheese plants. It also works a treat on leather.

Potato skins

If you’re planning on making roast potatoes or mash this weekend, keep hold of the skins to get your silverware sparkling. When used with baking soda, the oxalic acid in the potato mixes with the baking soda to dissolve rust.

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Will you be trying any of these natural cleaning hacks at home?

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