Affordable new range at The White Company holds secret to creating calming home spa

As a nation we’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time at home this year. And while things are getting back to a new sense of ‘normal’ there’s still a desire to make sure our homes a calming retreat away from the outside world.

The White Company’s affordable new range is especially crafted to help savour those very moments of tranquillity.

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The new Calm range of home fragrances and bathroom essentials are especially designed to help us unwind and de-stress in the comfort of our own homes.

Annnnnd relax…

New in: The White Company Calm collection

bathroom products

The new range of home fragrance and bathroom essentials offers the perfect way to align the senses for a calming state of mind. The desirable new collection is a wonderful blend of clean, calming juniper berry, nurturing geranium leaf, restorative clary sage and ylang ylang notes.

When taking time for yourself, whether during the day or relaxing before bed, try our top three tips to benefit from this soothing new scented range…

1. Fill a room with fragrance

calm diffuser

It’s no coincidence that spas always small so deliciously fragrant. The reason being that scent can offer a huge impact on our state of mind. With this new collection The White Company have worked with expert British perfumers to blend the most soothing aromatherapy essential oils,  selected for their deeply calming effects on mind, body and soul.

Buy now: Calm Diffuser, £35, The White Company

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2. Dim the lights

White Company calm candle

Never under estimate the role ambient lighting can play on your mood. The simple act of sitting down and lighting a candle, to add a soft flickering ambience to a room, can go a long way to help create a comforting sense of calm. Lighting a candle is one of the first and simplest actions to embrace the Scandinavian art of Hygge – were creating a sense of wellness and contentment are key.

Buy now: Calm Candle, £20, The White Company

3. Run a bath and zone out

Calm collection of home fragrances beside bath

It’s good practice to run a bath and take a break from electronic devices. Do so an hour before bed and you’ll be set for to blissfully fall asleep in no time. Set the scene with the calming scented candle. And after the bath restore moisture with the help of the softening body oil. All the ingredients to set you up for a good night’s sleep.

Buy now: Calm Softening Body Oil, £25, The White Company

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Which would you find most invaluable to make you feel calm?

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