Step inside Ben Fogle's stunning new kitchen – with on-trend green cabinets and dreamy worktops

Join us behind the scenes in Ben Fogle’s kitchen, to see the striking design choices. Striking forest green cabinets and on-trend materials create a fashionable and functional space for the family to enjoy.

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The award-winning TV presenter and environmentalist reveals a sneak peek of his stunning green kitchen, complete with on-trend brass fittings and quartz worktops.

Inside Ben Fogle’s kitchen

Ben Fogle in kitchen

Image credit: Cosentino

This was one kitchen case study we wouldn’t have imagined of in our wildest dreams. Ben Fogle is not picture in the wild, but in fact in his own home, proudly showing the results of a kitchen revamp.

A spokesperson for the brand tells Ideal Home, ‘Silestone Yukon was chosen for Ben’s kitchen worktops. Its elegant natural stone colour providing a stunning contrast to Ben’s rich green Neptune cabinetry and metallic cabinetry handles, wall lighting and cookware which hangs proudly on display.’

‘Providing a cohesive and streamlined look, a matching sink crafted from one piece of Silestone offers the advantage of a high resistance to scratches, stains and heat for easy cleaning and maintenance.’ Key qualities for Ben’s hearty family kitchen.

Quartz kitchen sink in Ben Fogle's house

Image credit: Cosentino

The material makes the kitchen worktop extremely resistant to stains and scratches. It also boasts a very low liquid absorption rate, meaning it’s super efficient for repelling liquid and facilitating easy daily cleaning.

As informed by the source of the kitchen case study, the kitchen cabinetry is that of designer kitchen brand Neptune – the home of desirable kitchen design.

From midnight blue to forest green, bold kitchen colour choices are growing in popularity. Gone is the familiar sense of playing it safe and sticking to neutral cream painted cabinets, largely for resale value. Modern homeowners are being braver with kitchen colour choices, seeking a more personal touch with a splash of colour.

It’s clear to see the Fogle family home has a penchant for green furnishings. This sumptuous velvet sofa helps to welcome the invigorating shade in the living room too.

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Which element of Ben Fogle’s kitchen inspires you most?

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